Welcome to Jurassic Park: Resurrecting ‘extinct’ enterprise apps with Sapho

Legacy enterprise systems, like Oracle, SAP, and Cognos, don’t need to suffer the same doomed fate as other ‘dinosaurs’ like the famed t-rexes and velociraptors. Before deciding to replace your current enterprise software, consider how micro apps combined with a “work feed” can not only prevent the extinction of your legacy systems, but even resurrect them through improved, personalized notifications, simple workflows, and user-friendly interfaces.

The reality is that many companies have invested years of employee time and millions of dollars on legacy enterprise systems that employees don't use. Rather than forcing employees to dig into multiple applications to find what they want – which won’t happen – or replacing those systems entirely, companies should use micro apps and personalized feeds to provide employees with the information they need in an easy-to-consume, actionable manner. Micro apps give businesses power – similar to that of Jurassic Park’s creator John Hammond – to bring these aging titans back to life (albeit without the added threat of being attacked by dinosaurs).

 Sapho was created to modernize systems by delivering a secure Facebook-like News Feed of actionable work-related data, insights, and tasks generated from existing enterprise systems. Specifically, Sapho helps organizations:

  • Provide alternatives to costly cloud-replacement solutions. The sheer cost and daunting complexity of moving from an on-premises system to a SaaS solution can prevent IT departments from ever seriously considering upgrading their current systems. Yet, employees continue to scream about how much they hate their old systems. With Sapho, organizations get the personalized user experience and workflow benefits of a new solution without having to replace what their employees are already using. Sapho gives IT the tools to build apps, on top of existing systems, that make the data in these systems easily accessible and workflows easy to complete – all without any system changes.
  • Improve access to enterprise systems and applications. A recent Forrester report found that 75 percent of employees have a hard time accessing information in their enterprise systems and applications. An additional 65 percent of employees admit they ignore data when it is too challenging to access. Sapho simplifies data access by providing employees a Facebook-like News Feed of relevant information and actionable tasks that they need to complete. Now, every task can be completed directly in the feed, without ever requiring employees to go digging into cumbersome systems, let alone remember their login.
  • Enables employee workflows on-the-go. IT teams are struggling with providing anywhere access to application data and workflows. Sapho helps organizations deliver critical data and actionable tasks to employees on the go, enabling otherwise stagnant projects to quickly completed. Employees also live in their email, their browser, and communications clients – so why not send data and tasks to these apps as well? Sapho does just this by delivering all of the same information that can be sent to the Sapho mobile app to employees in the apps they are already using, including email, Slack, and Skype for Business.

Now is the time to simplify your approach to enterprise applications. By adding micro apps and a personalized feed on top of legacy enterprise systems, organizations can improve employee productivity and business decision-making without costly system changes or other drastic measures. Now there’s no excuse for letting your enterprise systems go the way of the dinosaurs!

Learn more about how Sapho can instill life back in your enterprise software.

Natalie Lambert is the Vice President of Marketing at Sapho. She joins from Citrix where she held multiple product marketing leadership positions. Before that, Natalie was a principal analyst at Forrester Research where she was the leading expert on end user computing.

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