Sapho Modern Portal 4.4: SAP Ariba, Concur Travel, and new charting features

Sapho Modern Portal 4.4 is now available and includes a host of new features our customers have been looking forward to.

Three departments that suffer the most from outdated enterprise software

A shocking ninety-one percent of employees abandon enterprise software because it’s hard to use, slow, unreliable, and too complex.

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Sapho Modern Portal 4.3: More integration, overhauled publishing to endpoints, and a cool new micro app component

Here are some of the new features and enhancements you can look forward to in our latest release.

How a modern portal augments your existing BPM solutions

It’s common for a large enterprise to have numerous workflow tools and business process management (BPM) systems in place. Different BPMs are typically purchased over time for different use cases across different business units, and also brought in due to various acquisitions.

Why do enterprises still choose on-premises solutions? Security.

Today’s enterprises spend a fortune developing bulletproof security infrastructures. They hire security analysts and architects, implement strict data controls, and subject in-house software to rigorous vulnerability testing.

BlackBerry Dynamics, IBM Connections, SAP SuccessFactors, and other integration improvements in Sapho 4.2

In Sapho 4.2, our main focus was adding new integrations, a new security provider, and expanding our event delivery options.

Document previews, connector updates, new security options, and more in Sapho 4.1

Sapho 4.1 is packed with new features and updates. Let’s take a look!

New Home App features and enhanced MobileIron support in Sapho 4.0

Sapho 4.0 is now available and, as always, it is packed with new features and improvements. Here are just some of the highlights.

Sapho makes delivering Microsoft Actionable Messages easy

 Ever wish you could get more value out of the time you spend in your inbox? Tired of logging in and out of legacy systems like SAP? Sapho extends its modern portal experience to allow employees to complete workflows and write back to a system of record directly from their Outlook.  

Microsoft Outlook & Teams Actionable Messages in the spotlight in Sapho 3.9

Sapho’s 3.9 release extended our integrations with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams with the addition of Actionable Messages.

Sapho receives industry recognition in the 12th Annual 2017 Network Products Guide IT World Awards

It’s been a busy spring over here at Sapho! We announced our series B funding in April and just a few weeks ago at Microsoft Build, announced our integration with Microsoft Office 365 to deliver a modern portal experience to Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint. And, it keeps getting better. 

Deliver a modern portal experience to Microsoft Office 365 with Sapho

Traditional enterprise systems are failing employees. Why? Because they are hard-to-use, offer a poor user experience, and there are simply too many of them. What’s needed is a better, faster way for employees to complete their tasks and access the data in all their business systems.