What employees need from their enterprise systems

Why aren’t the apps we use at work as helpful as the ones we use in our personal lives? It’s the burning question on many employees’ minds these days—and one that enterprises can’t afford to ignore.

Love it or hate it, email is here to stay—but it’s getting better

For years, analysts, experts, and executives have been debating the relevancy of email and its longevity in the enterprise. Some have claimed that emails “will remain the cornerstone of workplace culture” long term. Others are adamant that another tool will replace it, even within the next three years.

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Why digital transformation starts with a digital workplace

Forward-thinking enterprises are eager to embrace digital transformation. Yet there’s a lot of confusion about what that will look like—let alone how to get there.

7 key elements employees need in a personalized workfeed

Whether it’s scrolling through Instagram on a mobile device or through Facebook on a desktop computer, we are continuously exposed to streams of information, or collections of data and news presented through feeds.

Why systems of engagement are necessary for enterprises

Enterprise systems sometimes resemble Medusa. They start out alluring, but often grow into a cumbersome monster. And, just like Medusa, they can turn your organization to stone— rigid and unable to respond to changing business needs.

Your airline reservation system has more in common with your work software than you think

It’s been a rough year for a certain airline’s PR team. But as angry as people get over flying in the unfriendly skies, they should be just as outraged about the outdated, hard-to-use technology airlines expect their customers to use.

Enterprises are still hanging onto their legacy systems—and that’s not going to change

There’s no question that SaaS solutions have their benefits—easy deployment, flexibility, more seamless collaboration, environmental sustainability—just to name a few.

How technology is improving the digital workplace

Technology is constantly transforming both the way we live and the way we work. No matter where we are, technology is always at our fingertips, allowing us to easily connect whenever we want.

Why push, not search, is the next step in enterprise evolution

When search engines hit mainstream, it became easier and easier to find the information we needed. They transformed the way we find information about almost everything, from the products we buy and the restaurants we eat at, to our next vacation destination.

How dynamically loaded content will change the existence of apps

What if every time you clicked on a Google search result you had to download a separate app to view its contents? What if you had to do that for every individual website you wanted to visit?

Three unique ways Sapho uses machine learning to increase productivity

In today’s world, the pace of change and growth in both business and society is accelerating. And the way we define work and how we accomplish it is no exception.

Why mobile isn’t the future of the enterprise

The mobile-first approach seems to have become an enterprise norm, but that doesn’t mean that it should be the only approach you’re using. Providing employees with easy access to information from anywhere is critical for work today and mobility was a strong first step forward ­– rather than the only step to be taken.