Overcoming the plague of workplace app fatigue

On average, today’s modern knowledge worker uses about 9.39 apps per day. Why? Because most of them need to use three or more apps to accomplish simple daily tasks.

Why omnichannel experiences are important for increasing employee engagement

Few buzzwords are more ubiquitous these days than “employee engagement” and for good reason. After all, the benefits are hard to ignore: Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202 percent.

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Why digital transformation starts with a digital workplace

Forward-thinking enterprises are eager to embrace digital transformation. Yet there’s a lot of confusion about what that will look like—let alone how to get there.

Your airline reservation system has more in common with your work software than you think

It’s been a rough year for a certain airline’s PR team. But as angry as people get over flying in the unfriendly skies, they should be just as outraged about the outdated, hard-to-use technology airlines expect their customers to use.

Do you still rely on these enterprise systems? You’re not alone.

Are you considering modernizing your legacy (and not so legacy) apps to improve productivity and create more effective workflows? Before you invest in an upgrade or implement a brand new application, consider an alternative approach – one that could save you millions of dollars.

How technology is improving the digital workplace

Technology is constantly transforming both the way we live and the way we work. No matter where we are, technology is always at our fingertips, allowing us to easily connect whenever we want.

How machine learning will make us smarter

Machine learning advances the tools we use every day. Its presence in the workplace and in our personal lives isn’t new, but its potential to transform the way we operate is stronger than it’s ever been.

Three unique ways Sapho uses machine learning to increase productivity

In today’s world, the pace of change and growth in both business and society is accelerating. And the way we define work and how we accomplish it is no exception.

The low down on low-code

Want to build your own app? 10 years ago, this might have posed a problem if you had little to no experience with coding. You would have had to learn how to code and spend a few weeks building the app from scratch. Or, you would have had to pay a freelancer or convinced someone in your company to build the app for you.

Five steps for building a successful enterprise application strategy

CIOs everywhere want to create a more digital workplace. While digital transformation involves all areas of the business, one of the fastest ways to get started is to rethink your enterprise app strategy.

Micro apps: The future of the modern enterprise

We’re drowning in apps.  With more than 2 million mobile apps to choose from, most of us have installed at least 40 of them on our smartphones. Downloads from the Apple App Store alone surpassed 100 billion last year—and that number is expected to double in 2017.

In pursuit of data: The need for machine learning in today’s enterprises

If you’re anything like the average worker, you spend one day a week searching for information across various systems to help you make a business decision. This seems like a crazy waste of time when you think about how quickly you can find the information you need in your personal life like on Google, Facebook, or Yelp.