There’s no off season for us. Meet Sapho 2.8!

Sapho is building a fresh wave of new features for the 2.8 release. Want to hear the latest news? Let’s get started!

Warm up your camera, it’s selfie time

We are happy to announce that we have added mobile camera integration. Now, the built-in device camera will help enable a full mobile experience. Just open your camera right from the micro app and smoothly share your visual reality.

Imagine a directory micro app to enable sharing of basic information, including personal photos, for all your co-workers or a service desk micro app to help your employees report on items that have broken in the office. For each of these scenarios, taking pictures instantly from your camera makes things a snap.


Never miss a meeting or forget its location!

Google for Work has become a popular productivity tool set and Google Calendar is no exception. From now on, get notified about your calendar events right from Sapho. You can easily review your conference room bookings, check what’s on your meeting agenda, and much more.


Get the most from your BigQuery data warehouse

If you’re dealing with petabyte-scale databases, you’ve heard about BigQuery. Google’s highly-scalable analytics data warehouse is now fully supported by our new connector and micro app templates allowing you to inform your employees about the latest analytical breakthroughs.


Sharply target your notifications with Google Groups

Sapho already supports the Google authentication service for enabling users to log into the Sapho App using their corporate Google accounts. But with this new release, organizations can set use Google for Work as the security provider and further choose which Google Groups will be used for authorization into selected micro apps -- the same way your would with Active Directory.

The new support for Google Groups allows organizations to only send information to the people that need it, instead of sending it to everyone. Personalized notifications will ensure people get notified when there is something important but will prevent employees from getting annoyed at irrelevant items taking up their feed.


Deliver notifications across different channels with ease

The Sapho channel editor enables you to set delivery channels (push notifications, cards, Slack) for your notifications and micro apps - one of the most important things you can do with Sapho! Because of its importance, we have  redesigned the UI to deliver a smooth user experience. Title and Body fields gained rich editor functionality. The card layout library is simplified and easily accessible. Navigation among the different channels' settings is streamlined. Overall the new UI experience is clearer and more compact.


What’s coming up?

Sapho 2.8 was a great release, but the innovation doesn’t stop there. We can’t wait to tell you more in a few weeks!

Lukas Burkon is the Lead Product Manager at Sapho. Prior to Sapho, he was a freelance software engineer, founder of his own digital agency, and has been a product owner of several SaaS services.

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