Sapho's vision for micro apps

Today we are launching Sapho. We have worked incredibly hard for over two years to deliver next generation push computing infrastructure that runs in existing data centers and also integrates existing backends.

A big part of integrating existing systems is a process that we call ETN – Extract, Transform, prepare to Notify. ETN is an evolution of ETL focused on extracting only the most relevant, actionable data from each source system. Because of ETN, Sapho can track what has changed in each source system and then notify employees of relevant changes on their mobile devices and messengers, which can open a full featured micro app capable of committing actions back to systems of records.

The Sapho Architecture


Micro apps are simplified, single purpose apps that are delivered within a mobile or messenger experience. Consumer platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Line, and Apple’s iMessage are popularizing such at apps.

At Sapho, we are focused on enterprise use cases where employees can quickly receive information and perform actions, such as reviewing and approving an expense report, tracking changes to business metrics currently buried in dashboards, and notifying sales reps that support tickets for their customers have been closed so that they can follow up.


We are huge believers in “15 minutes to delight,” a concept I learned from Mårten Mickos, the former CEO of MySQL. Our hosted Sapho demo lets you quickly experience what it’s like to assemble and customize micro apps for your favorite backend systems by simply clicking on an icon:


If you don’t know the connection information for a particular system, no problem Sapho will provide sample data so that you can get going:


The default micro apps for systems with known schemas like Salesforce come bundled with useful events prebuilt:


Events are really easy to edit with an English-like rules system that monitors changes in systems of record:


Enabling mobile push notifications and Slack messages is really easy with the ability to insert variables and preview messages:


Sapho includes a full blown app builder that makes it drag-and-drop easy to customize and create pages:


Micro apps are a new and incredibly useful way to engage employees with useful and relevant information, and also make their lives easier by simplifying and unifying their experience with IT.

We at Sapho see micro apps as evolving to include actions directly within notifications channels such as mobile notifications and Slack messages. That’s 15 minutes to delight for IT, and just seconds to delight for their users!



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Peter Yared is the Founder & CTO at Sapho. Previously, he was the CTO/CIO of CBS Interactive and the founder of four enterprise infrastructure companies. Peter regularly writes about technology trends and has written for the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek and TechCrunch.

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