Micro apps made easy with the latest Sapho release 2.7

Today, Sapho released the latest version of its power micro app solution - version 2.7.0. This release brings enhancements across the board, including powerful new event triggering mechanisms, usability enhancements, support for Google groups, and a new pre-built connector for ServiceNow. It’s available to try now.

Events engine

You can now set up “Periodic User Action” to remind users that they need to take an action. We’ve already had success using this at Sapho to inform employees to “dress up” for customer visits based on responses to the daily reminders sent to the field team leadership.

You can also set up a “Date Reminder” that is tracked against a date field’s value and gets sent out a specified time before or after. This could be useful if you for example want to send out a notification to remind a renewal sales rep a few weeks before an upcoming customer renewal date.


To better follow events happening in your business systems, we now allow you to track them on a continuous basis, instead of simply on an interval. User feedback indicated that the previous minimum of 5 minute intervals was insufficient in some scenarios so you are now able to send across notifications instantly based on system changes.


App builder

Working with app pages is now easier with the ability to clone pages not just within, but across apps as well. So if you have a page templated out to look and act perfectly in an app and want to reuse it in a different app, the quick clone wizard copies the page over in a couple of clicks.


The date and calendar components also get an expanded selection of default choices. User feedback had indicated that the past selection of none/today/max wasn’t cutting it so we have added a range of options. Also available is a custom option to default to a certain number of days before or after today.


Table results can now be saved as a csv file so you can quickly export results from your searches and filter queries. As an app creator, all you need to do is add a button below the table with its action set to “Export Table Data”.



In addition to using Active Directory and LDAP groups, Sapho now supports Google Groups making it easy for organizations using Google Apps to tie permissioning for the micro apps they use directly into their Google Groups.



Sapho continues to expand the list of underlying services with which it can integrate. This release adds ServiceNow. You can now connect to ServiceNow using a pre built connector and utilize the default micro app template or create your own custom micro app to track and manage incidents and requests, and get visibility into locations and catalogs. The default template comes with two pre built events that track new and changed incidents.


Sapho’s csv connector, which allows micro apps and notifications to be built on top of csv files, now allows filtering out of the first few rows that often include notes and are not relevant to the actual data a micro app consumes.

Making it easier to build micro apps

Sapho continues to be focused on making it easy for Enterprises to track events happening across their business systems and to surface them through notifications to relevant employees along with associated actions - these updates can all be delivered to employees on their preferred device or through their messenger client. The latest release brings enhancements that make it easier than ever to build micro apps.

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Vinay Dwivedi is the Head of Product at Sapho. Previously, he was at Oracle where he led product management for several products, including Oracle’s CRM and HCM cloud applications and the first speech driven, conversational mobile application called Oracle Voice.

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