Sapho 3.5 focuses on new identity providers, updated connectors, and Sapho Builder enhancements


Here’s an overview of what we have in store for you in Sapho 3.5.

New support for identity providers

We want to be able to immediately deploy and start adding value to our clients on day one, so seamless integration with their existing identity provider is key. We focused on this in 3.5 and expanded our list of supported identity providers.

First up is Ping Identity. With our Ping integration, companies can take advantage of the SSO provided by their PingFederate servers to log in to Sapho and also to control access to their micro apps. 

We’re also happy to announce the addition of Azure Active Directory, Microsoft’s multi-tenant cloud-based identity management system.  As with Ping, clients can utilize their existing Azure Active Directory deployment with Sapho for SSO and for limiting access to specific micro apps.


New and improved connectors

You may have heard the news about our partnership with IBM to integrate Sapho with IBM Domino, but if that somehow went under your radar, you can read all about it here.  Our Domino integration can natively call Domino NSF databases and Agents, and employees can even use Domino identities to login.

But not only have we been adding new connectors, we’ve also made some enhancements to the existing ones.  For example, our out-of-the-box Salesforce integration just got better with built-in support of write-back actions for converting leads and approving contracts from directly within your micro apps.  We also added support for custom fields for both our Salesforce and JIRA connectors.



Sapho Builder enhancements

And, as always, we also made some improvements to Sapho Builder to ensure that our customers have a comprehensive micro app development platform with all the bells and whistles that go along with it. One improvement of note is our upgraded header editor.

Now Sapho developers can choose from a number of different objects for the left, center and right side of the header, giving them more flexibility in their header designs, as well as enabling them to more closely mimic their corporate brands. Choices for each section include page or app name, icons, free text, buttons, menus, and even session variables like the logged in user’s name.



That’s a wrap for Sapho 3.5, but we’re already hard at work on 3.6 and a whole new set of product improvements. Check back soon for all the latest details on new features, connectors and all other things driving the future of work.

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David Eckels is a Product Manager at Sapho. He previously worked as a product manager for a large ICT vendor and has also delivered advisory services with several firms, including PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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