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Traditional enterprise systems are failing employees. Why? Because they are hard-to-use, offer a poor user experience, and there are simply too many of them. What’s needed is a better, faster way for employees to complete their tasks and access the data in all their business systems.

Tripling productivity for our customers

Sapho empowers employees with a modern portal experience that surfaces personalized and relevant tasks and data using micro apps. Sapho micro apps, built by IT on top of existing systems like ERP, CRM, or HCM, simplify workflows and data access while allowing employees to complete work faster and make better decisions. Unlike other solutions that deliver apps to a single channel, Sapho delivers micro apps to employees where they spend their time: In Microsoft Office 365's collaboration suite of products including Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint.

Reaching employees in the one app they use every day: Microsoft Outlook

Employees spend more time in Outlook than almost any other application. With the addition of Microsoft Outlook’s Actionable Messages to our extensive list of supported channels, Sapho makes sure that employees won’t miss an important update or critical task from any of their systems. This means that employees will not only receive an email when an action is required in one of their systems, they will also be able to take the appropriate action directly from the email. For example, if an SAP user must sign off on a purchase order discount to move a deal forward, this user will have the ability to view the details of the PO and do the approval without ever leaving Outlook. Imagine the productivity gains when employees can use a single application such as Outlook to complete actions across all business systems.


Reaching employees while they collaborate with their teams: Microsoft Teams

Employees spend a lot of time in chat-based workspaces. Sapho’s integration with Teams make it easy to notify employees of actionable data, insights, and tasks from any of their systems. For example, delivering an escalated service ticket into a group workspace makes it easy for a group of relevant employees to become aware of an issue and immediately communicate or claim the ticket in real time to solve a problem. Alternatively, delivering a personalized enterprise task, such as approvals, directly into an employee’s messenger as a one-on-one message makes it each for employees to complete work quickly.


Reaching employees where they look for information: Microsoft SharePoint

The intranet is at the epicenter of many organizations as the place where employees can get company news and information, plus search for people and content. Thus, it is no surprise that many employees log into these systems multiple times a day. This is why Sapho embeds micro apps into SharePoint to allow employees to access Sapho micro apps from all of their systems as part of an existing intranet experience. Features such as approvals, status updates, and project assignments can be centralized in a single intranet location making SharePoint the one-stop-shop system updates and critical actions.


Bringing it all together through Sapho’s modern portal experience

Here is an example of how Sapho simplifies workflows across systems and delivers information and tasks to employees wherever they are.

Imagine a sales rep creates a new contract in SAP – it now must be approved by the regional executive.

  1. The executive receives a Sapho Actionable Message and approves the PO. This action triggers the creation of a new project in Dynamics CRM. As a result, a separate Sapho notification is sent to the Sales Engineering group via Microsoft Teams.
  2. The SE team is then notified in their General channel that a new project has been created and needs to be claimed. Using the Sapho Tab in Teams, the SE team can interact with the Sapho micro app to view details on the project and assign the new owner.
  3. In an executive portal in SharePoint, an embedded Sapho micro app connected to Dynamics provides a breakdown of projects per SE for the SE manager. The executive thinks 'Adam Brown' has claimed too many projects, and clicks on the project entry.
  4. The embedded Sapho micro app drills down into the project details, where a different Sales Engineer can be selected. ‘George Lent’ is selected, and the project is updated, writing back to Dynamics CRM.

This example shows the value of linking system data and workflows together and presenting them to employees in the various channels they use throughout their day. The reality is that employees no longer consume information on a single device or in a single app, so it’s important that enterprises are prepared to deliver information and tasks to employees’ channel of choice – whether it be Outlook, Teams, or SharePoint.

As 60% of employees use at least two devices a day and 40% of employees will start an activity on one device and complete it on another, Sapho and Microsoft are making it possible to provide employees with a modern portal experience that delivers important information – in the right channel – so they are their most productive.

Natalie Lambert is the Vice President of Marketing at Sapho. She joins from Citrix where she held multiple product marketing leadership positions. Before that, Natalie was a principal analyst at Forrester Research where she was the leading expert on end user computing.

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