Love it or hate it, email is here to stay—but it’s getting better

For years, analysts, experts, and executives have been debating the relevancy of email and its longevity in the enterprise. Some have claimed that emails “will remain the cornerstone of workplace culture” long term. Others are adamant that another tool will replace it, even within the next three years.

How to evaluate workflows to improve workplace productivity

They say the definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over, expecting different results. Unfortunately, when it comes to enterprise software, many businesses remain stuck in the insanity loop.

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Why do enterprises still choose on-premises solutions? Security.

Today’s enterprises spend a fortune developing bulletproof security infrastructures. They hire security analysts and architects, implement strict data controls, and subject in-house software to rigorous vulnerability testing.

Reinventing the enterprise portal: A glance at the future of enterprise software

Ask any IT person and they’ll tell you that one of their biggest challenges is figuring out how to integrate data and make it available to employees.

Your airline reservation system has more in common with your work software than you think

It’s been a rough year for a certain airline’s PR team. But as angry as people get over flying in the unfriendly skies, they should be just as outraged about the outdated, hard-to-use technology airlines expect their customers to use.

How personalized feeds help employees stay productive

Work smarter, not harder. We’ve all heard the cliché. But how many of us actually make it a point to work smarter? We’re surrounded by an incredible amount of processing power every day, yet many of us still use clunky business systems that are anything but smart.

Sapho receives industry recognition in the 12th Annual 2017 Network Products Guide IT World Awards

It’s been a busy spring over here at Sapho! We announced our series B funding in April and just a few weeks ago at Microsoft Build, announced our integration with Microsoft Office 365 to deliver a modern portal experience to Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint. And, it keeps getting better. 

How machine learning will make us smarter

Machine learning advances the tools we use every day. Its presence in the workplace and in our personal lives isn’t new, but its potential to transform the way we operate is stronger than it’s ever been.

Deliver a modern portal experience to Microsoft Office 365 with Sapho

Traditional enterprise systems are failing employees. Why? Because they are hard-to-use, offer a poor user experience, and there are simply too many of them. What’s needed is a better, faster way for employees to complete their tasks and access the data in all their business systems.

How dynamically loaded content will change the existence of apps

What if every time you clicked on a Google search result you had to download a separate app to view its contents? What if you had to do that for every individual website you wanted to visit?

Why companies are building micro apps instead of developing homegrown software

Business processes have exploded by as much as 350 percent in the last 20 years, snaring enterprises in a web of complexity and inefficiency.