Why push, not search, is the next step in enterprise evolution

When search engines hit mainstream, it became easier and easier to find the information we needed. They transformed the way we find information about almost everything, from the products we buy and the restaurants we eat at, to our next vacation destination.

Tackling the backlog: How to solve the enterprise application development problem

We already solved the problem of delivering enterprise applications with mobile apps, right? Think again. Enterprise applications just seem to be getting more complex despite the increasing expectation for simpler, streamlined actions from our workplace software.

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How to escape meetings and start handling tasks more efficiently

“Let’s meet about it.” How many times have you heard those words and cringed?  We all know meetings are a huge waste of work time—the biggest one of all, according to 47 percent of employees.

Three unique ways Sapho uses machine learning to increase productivity

In today’s world, the pace of change and growth in both business and society is accelerating. And the way we define work and how we accomplish it is no exception.

Why mobile isn’t the future of the enterprise

The mobile-first approach seems to have become an enterprise norm, but that doesn’t mean that it should be the only approach you’re using. Providing employees with easy access to information from anywhere is critical for work today and mobility was a strong first step forward ­– rather than the only step to be taken.

The low down on low-code

Want to build your own app? 10 years ago, this might have posed a problem if you had little to no experience with coding. You would have had to learn how to code and spend a few weeks building the app from scratch. Or, you would have had to pay a freelancer or convinced someone in your company to build the app for you.

How the Sapho eliminates lagging app dev time

Getting enterprise app development done right is no easy task, but it’s essential to implementing successful modern workflows in today’s business world. And with the emergence of simple, task-based apps in the consumer world, employees are clamoring for new apps at work.

The top 6 Sapho blog posts of 2016

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed your celebrations and have returned to work refreshed and ready to take on new challenges.