A closer look at Sapho's integration with Microsoft Teams

On March 14th, Microsoft announced general availability of the latest addition to its Office 365 family, Microsoft Teams. A chat-based team workspace that aims at streamlining collaboration (and taking a little wind out of Slack’s sails), Microsoft Teams is already gaining ground at an enormous rate of speed.

One great thing about Microsoft Teams is the built-in integration it has with other applications, not just the other tools available within the Office 365 suite, but also with those from third parties. By adding “tabs”, users can customize their team with additional applications. There were numerous tabs available on day one, and right there among heavy-hitters, such as Zendesk and Asana, was our own humble Sapho logo.


The Sapho tab provides the full-blown Sapho experience right in Microsoft Teams. It works the same as it would through a browser, giving you access to your unified feed as well as to all of your micro apps, and, more importantly, all their functionality. Need to approve an expense report in Concur or submit an incident in ServiceNow, but don’t feel like leaving Microsoft Teams? We’ve got you covered.

And since Sapho is fully integrated with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, it makes things even easier with single sign-on. Simply log in to Teams and you’ll have all your other systems available right at your fingertips in the Sapho tab. No additional logins or remembering ten million different passwords required.

Introducing SaphoBot

Even before GA we were supporting Microsoft Teams as an additional notification channel, and since then, we’ve added another feature to our integration - SaphoBot.

Users can start a chat with SaphoBot to subscribe to all their Sapho notifications. And, as you would expect, clicking on any notification will take you to the corresponding page of the appropriate micro app directly within the Sapho tab of your team. This combination of the Sapho tab and SaphoBot lets you take full advantage of all Sapho has to offer without ever having to leave the Microsoft Teams’ environment.


Congratulations to Microsoft on a fantastic product and a successful GA launch. We were absolutely thrilled to be a part of it and are looking forward to bringing even more features to our integration in the future. We definitely have some big plans for our friend SaphoBot, so stay tuned.

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David Eckels is a Product Manager at Sapho. He previously worked as a product manager for a large ICT vendor and has also delivered advisory services with several firms, including PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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